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But to every growing brand, grasping the timing of this peak season to drive sales revenue is a lingering challenge. Riding on Christmas to conduct an innovative experience, Bobbi Brown was striving to convert gained online traffic to in-store footprints to increase sales crucially. A seamless O2O customer journey is essential to effectively drive in-store visits and boost revenue in this seasonal gifting period. Moreover, creating a stunning and unique atmosphere to achieve brand differentiation is the best way to compete with other brands.

Kontec dared to arouse audience interest and make them spend on products by Visualized Integrated Experience to arouse their emotion to shop for Christmas. By scanning the QR code, customers could embrace and own the “Must-have Christmas Limited Edition items”on their mobile with a click. Kontec adopted Mobile web-based Augmented Reality(AR) to create visualized realistic experiences on the campaign sites to arouse interest, including the techniques of 3D modelling and development. We strengthened the connection between customers by reinforcing the brand identity and encouraging them to spend on the AR objects magically shown at their glances.
In only one month before Christmas, we successfully drove:
  • 12,000 traffics and engagements
  • around 1,000 in-store participation converts
  • 1.5x in-store traffics contributed compared with the non-campaign period
  • 9% Facebook fans growth during the campaign period
  • More than 22,000 social media engagement gained
  • 1.7% YOY revenue gained compared with the same period in 2017