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Innovative pop-up store experience always brings us sweet surprises and affects our consumption decision. While Bobbi Brown launched and was eager to promote a brand new formula foundation, exclusive and customised customer experience could enhance product differentiation, leading the brand to stand out among competitors and drew blasting attention. We were entrusted to stimulate sales and convert the online footprint to the pop-up store to create significant conversion.


Kontec started from thematic creative ideas migrated with technological solutions, aiming to find out the most suitable foundation for every potential customer. By taking a selfie and uploading it to the campaign site, clients got to know the suggested foundation and grab their instant sample on-site. We diversely provided end-to-end service including media planning and allocation, innovative digital implementation, machine engraving and customer data analysis in the whole campaign.


Delightfully, we drove 2,500 website traffic (CTR 50%) and converted 1000 footprints from online to the office and boosted sales 12% compared with a non-campaign period.