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Need some help achieving gorgeous effects of brow brush? Noticing clients are puzzled if the brow brushes are their perfect match, Bobbi Brown was offering personalised brow advice to drive brand loyalty and increase awareness of their beauty expertise. To further direct the audience to book relevant services, they should first acknowledge the uniqueness of their brow shapes. Setting up a Brow Intelligence Test could reinforce product features of Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil, drive trials of eye-brow services and educate them about exclusive eye-brow skill sets.


Most of the customers blindly follow the latest makeup trend without considering their face type. Kontec launched the Brow Intelligence campaign site with a self-explanatory hashtag #BrowToBePerfect. After collecting 200+ brows templates online, we formed a standardised brow sample for the website scoring system. Customers could easily scan their faces on site that could identify users’ brow shapes and scores according to their brow features. Customers were directly driven to book personalised service and get professional advice onsite.

Kontec successfully tackled setting up the scoring system that requires large brow templates to standardise the brow samples, and also designed an AR analytical application to calculate the score of the audience via A.I.


In only two weeks, we drew 19,730 engagements to the brow test campaign site, as well as 1,290+ on-site traffic to Bobbi Brown brow shaping service.