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LaMer – Soft & Rejuvenated Campaign 


Interactive experiences often provide customers with a more profound impression of the brand and its products, enhancing their affection and influencing subsequent purchasing decisions. While LaMer launched a brand new rejuvenated soft cream and  . We were entrusted to stimulate the consumer experience by creating an educational yet enjoyable game to support Lamer’s sampling campaign exclusively at the SOGO LaMer counter.


Kontec has always been driven by technology and innovative ideas, providing comprehensive services to meet the marketing objectives of every potential customer. In this campaign, we engaged participants through a tablet game, where they could understand how the newly launched soft cream can help address various skin stresses and problems. The simple yet engaging game not only reinforces the connection between the brand and the counter customers but also allows us to gather information and effectively carry out media planning and allocation, innovative digital implementation, machine engraving, and customer data analysis.


We drove a thousand footprints to the SOGO LaMer counter compared with a non-campaign period.